Kereru Discovery Project

"Large flocks of kererū are once again a common sight in our skies"

The Kererū Discovery Project is a conservation project focusing on the kererū - New Zealand’s iconic native pigeon. 


Flocks of hundreds of kererū used to be common in New Zealand skies.  But that's not the case now and any birds we see are a welcome sight.


This project will help you protect kererū (and our forests) in your neighbourhood and your own backyard.  


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New Zealand’s native forests need kererū to survive. Kererū are the only remaining species able to disperse the large seeds of our huge forest trees. Without kererū we may lose our native forests as we know them.


We want people to realise the importance of kererū to our forests; and to remember the importance of kererū to our communities.  We also want people to help us learn more about this amazing bird.


Share your kererū experience by reporting sightings, uploading your photos and spreading the word.

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